How to Hike to Peak Daniele, Bosco di Malabotta Nature Reserve, Italy 147

Our goal was the top of the top of Pizzo Daniele in the Sicilian Bosco di Malabotta Nature Reserve. We set out with the Catania Alpine Italy club, (in Catania naturally). This is an easy one-day excursion on the north side of Etna Volcano. The summit is marked by a cross and the surrounding reserve is picturesque and relaxing. The group consisted a guide (a biologist by trade) and a rag-tag group of 12 hikers of various ages.

We set out from Catania at 7:30am in a shared van and started the actual hike around 9am. By noon we were on the windy summit. We then wandered around searching for a spot out of the wind for a lunch break before starting a return trip via a dirt track/road that circled the area. By 5pm we were back at the van and ready to head back to civilization and bars.

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